Cyclops is a collaborative environment that brings the experience of a physical conference room to distributed teams who are working online. Cyclops is your no-download solution for meetings that are fast and secure; just grab a link to your virtual room and go.

Cyclops currently supports up to 8 people in a room. Name a room and get started fast with our 1-click rooms to collaborate in a transient space that anyone can join. Claim the room to reuse the URL exclusively, and lock your room for meetings that are invitation only.

Our Team

We bring experience from DigitalOcean, Cisco, Pluralsight, Raytheon, Bessemer Venture Partners, MIT, and Harvard. Our mission is to provide rich, collaborative tools that are simple to use. We welcome your feedback as we continually look for ways to improve your experience.


If you are interested in building a disruptive platform on cutting-edge technologies, we'd love to speak with you. Your location can be anywhere, because we use Cyclops to work together remotely. We're looking for dedicated and ambitious candidates who are good at what they do.

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